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Meet Revolar  

Revolar is the  fastest way to communicate or  send for help.  
Just click the button 1, 2, or 3 times to alert loved ones with your GPS location and different custom text messages. 

Why Carry Revolar?

In an unsafe situation, you may not have time to use your phone or be able to access it. And if things turn tense, attempting to use your phone could escalate the situation. 

That’s why Revolar allows you to discreetly activate an alert in about a second, and send for help fast while automatically sharing your location.

How You Can Use Revolar Safety Wearables

Fear Paralyzes. Revolar Empowers.

While designing our safety devices,  we spent hundreds of hours talking with assault survivors who said time and again of their experiences, “I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t call 911 based on a bad feeling.”

We never want you to feel paralyzed, that’s why Revolar empowers you to easily ask for help from people you trust, before a bad feeling becomes a dangerous situation.

The simplicity of the Revolar device makes it better than any cell phone. Unlike a phone, a push of the button delivers the information your loved ones need to know.

by Sgt. Jim Hawkins, Retired, MVPD

We designed Revolar to be more than just the fastest way to send for help.

Revolar helps you stay in touch with positive Check-in messages, ditch uncomfortable situations with Ring Me, and get support in non-emergencies with Yellow Alerts.

So why design Revolar with all this power? Because the best safety wearable is the one that is customized for your unique needs.