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Revolar partners with select retailers, distributors, universities, nonprofits, businesses, and other organizations that share our mission. If you'd like to build a long-term, mutually successful partnership with us, please email partners@revolar.com.

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We’re partnering with Steve Smith Family Foundation to give Revolar wearables to domestic violence survivors.

A note from one of our partners:

"We have case managers, maintenance staff, and office staff that are often in apartments alone with residents or in offices alone. While we do a ton of good for people, we still deal with a very delicate population of people that may put our staff at risk. We have Revolar programmed so if you are in danger in a unit or office, it will alert other staff to help and contact police... We are so lucky we found you guys!"
Foundation Communities , an affordable housing nonprofit in Austin, TX

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Per our MAP policy, this is formal notification that Revolar Classic will be discounted 50% and promoted online from 8/16 - 8/26