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Revolar Device Operating Parameters - Date of last update: November 10, 2016

To function properly:

(1) Each Revolar device must be paired with a qualifying smartphone. There is a 1:1 phone to Revolar device relationship, meaning you can’t pair more than one device to a single phone, or a single device to multiple phones.

(2) The Revolar user must download the Revolar app and fully complete the account setup process on the qualifying smartphone (see point 8.)

(3) The qualifying smartphone must be running the Revolar app at the time an alert is sent, and the app must not be disabled or “killed.”

(4) The qualifying smartphone must have GPS enabled in order to use the “active GPS” functionality of alerts. Revolar’s location services are as accurate as your phone’s GPS capabilities.

(5) The Revolar device must be within Bluetooth® range of the smartphone.

(6) The smartphone must have a data plan and be within a coverage area provided by the user’s smartphone carrier. Coverage is defined as having a true internet connection (cellular or wifi.)

(7) Cellular or wifi data and Bluetooth services must be enabled for the smartphone AND for the Revolar app (ex. not in airplane mode or otherwise disabled, and all permissions must be granted to the Revolar app).

(8) The user must have set up at least one, and up to five, Revolar contacts per alert level (yellow and red) as part of the app setup process.

(9) The Revolar contacts must accept the user’s invitation in order to receive alerts. Revolar users & alert contacts should discuss the actions that contacts should take in the event that they receive an alert.

(10) When the Revolar wearable is within Bluetooth range of the paired smartphone, the user can easily check for common performance issues by opening the Revolar app, and checking for any messages displayed on the app home screen.

(11) If the Revolar App on your smartphone has been killed, Revolar can turn it back on, in most cases, when the Revolar Wearable Device is less than 6 clear feet apart from your phone.

Note: Revolar does not currently call 911 or any other emergency service when a user initiates an alert and neither 911 nor any other emergency service can or should be listed as one of the user’s Revolar contacts.