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Link With the Ones You Love

Our personal safety devices let you share custom messages with your live location simply by clicking a button. With Revolar, you can reach out for help faster than you can even pull out your phone.

Communicate When It Counts

Our goal is to keep you in closer touch with the people you trust. Revolar buttons are the smart way to share how you’re feeling and where you are. 

Revolar is Small, Yet Powerful


One press can let loved ones know you’re safe and sound.

Multiple Alert Levels

Proactively reach out at the first sign something isn't right, and elevate the alert level if you feel unsafe. 

Ring Me

Discreetly send yourself an automated phone call to help you ditch uncomfortable situations.

Custom Messaging

Personalize your Check-in and Alert messages for your needs and your travels.

  • No Monthly Fees

    Customize your Revolar with our Free App! Did you know the home screen of the app works like the device? 

  • 3 Alert Levels

    Personalize your 1, 2, and 3-click alert messages for your unique needs.

  • Contacts Those You Trust

    Easily add contacts in the Revolar App and select which alerts they’ll receive.

What People Are Saying About Revolar:

"I got my Revolar last week and I love it! It was really easy to set the app up and the device is small and cute. I live in the scariest apartment building and I feel more peace of mind when I have Revolar with me."

"I have one of these for myself, my son, and my sister who just had surgery. It’s so easy to use and I feel a lot more confident when I’m out and about by myself or when my son stays late at school for practice, or if my sister has a medical emergency. I love this thing!"

"I got it as a gift and my sister loves it. Highly recommend!"

Technology to Protect Your Team & Business

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